Monday, July 07, 2008

July 7 Birthdays: Marc Chagall and Satchel Paige

Marc Chagall, artist
July 7, 1887-March 28, 1985

Lives of the Artists: Masterpieces, Messes (and What the Neighbors Thought) by Kathleen Krull, illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt (Harcourt, 1995)

Chagall, a Russian painter, studied in Paris, was arrested during a Nazi raid, and later released because of American intervention. He worked everyday up until his death at 97.

Go to the Guggenheim Museum for a short bio of Chagall and collection selections.

Satchel Paige, athlete
July 7, 1906 (?)-June 8, 1982

Satchel Paige
by Lesa Cline-Ransome, illustrated by James E. Ransome (Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, 2000)

Major league pitching great, Satchel Paige first played (and set records) in the Negro Leagues. When the major league integrated, he was the first African-American pitcher in the American League.

Paige: The Official Web Site hosts a biography, photos, quotes and stats.