Saturday, August 01, 2009

August 1 Birthday: Anneographies

Anneographies, blog
Aug. 1, 2006-

Today is Anneographies birthday!

This past year I've celebrated over 350 birthdays via picture book biographies.

The day with the most celebrations?

It's a three-way tie:

April 26--William Shakespeare, John. J. Audubon, I.M. Pei and Frederick Olmsted

May 7--Peter Tchaikovsky, Eva Peron, Johann Brahms and Willie Mays

May 13--Stevie Wonder, Arthur Sullivan, Ritchie Valens and Joe Louis

This year my Web site was redesigned by the wonderful Lisa Firke at Hit Those Keys. You'll also find the information from this blog posted there.

Happy Birthday to you, whenever it is your special day!

Happy reading!