Monday, May 26, 2008

May 26 Birthdays: Miles Davis and Dorthea Lange

Miles Davis, musician
May 26, 1926-September 28, 1991

Lookin’ for Bird in the City by Robert Burleigh, illustrated Marek Los (Silver Whistle, 2001)

In this jazzy fictionalized account, Davis meets his idol, Charlie Parker.

An official site by the Davis estate offers the latest news, releases, and bio.

Dorothea Lange, artist
May 26, 1895-October 11, 1965

Dorothea Lange by Robyn Montana Turner (Little Brown, 1994)

A photographer during the Depression, Lange’s work put a face on what life was like for so many Americans.

From the Library of Congress, comes a bio of Lange and images of her work.